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“But because things change. And friends leave. And life doesn't stop for anybody.”
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In honor of reaching 2000 beautiful followers, I have decided to make a favorite blogs page!
reblog this post once (likes won’t count, but you can use it as a bookmark)
please be following me
check out my side blogs (not required to follow)
check out the ally network and apply if you haven’t! (also check out our motw)
if you want to be considered for the “undiscovered blogs” category (under 1k followers), please submit your follower count to me 
Increase your chances:
come be my friend! tell me why i should choose you for my favs page, what you like about my blog, or just say hi, or anything else you’d like to tell me! i’d love to make new friends! :)
have a rad blog that is neat and organized
reblogging more than once will NOT increase your chances (though you’re still welcome to if you want)
What you’ll get:
a permanent spot on my favorites page here (you’ll only be removed if you change your blog style or unfollow me or something like that)
a promo with a cute description about your blog (promos will probably be spread out over the course of a few days)
if i’m feeling ambitious, i’ll make fan signs (which means i most likely will)
a new best friend! (that’s me, hi)
Other stuff:
i am shooting for around five blogs per category. categories are regular vintage, pale/light vintage, vertical, green, blue, other color-coded (red, brown, etc.), dark vintage, undiscovered blogs (under 1k), and non-vintage/other. (note: there might be more than five blogs chosen for regular vintage since most of the people that reblog this will most likely be regular vintage)
if you don’t get chosen this time, don’t fret! i will be updating this page every now and then, so you will still have more chances to be chosen!
not sure exactly when i will pick winners, it just depends on when i am satisfied with the amount of notes. but i will give y’all a heads up when i start going through notes.
as a bonus, to show my thanks to all of you who are following me, everyone who doesn’t get chosen will be promoted in lists!
I think that’s about it! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here. :)
Good luck and happy rebloggin’! ♥

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A Fashion Blog auf We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/53513240/via/shanvon

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